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 Rules for the cantinas

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Jarod King
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PostSubject: Rules for the cantinas   Tue Jun 14, 2011 1:10 pm

These rules are to be followed in the cantinas and casino's to make sure everyone has the most enjoyable experience possible.

1: This section of the RP is majorly a non-violent section. This is a place for your characters to get some R&R and it's a chance for other characters to meet and socialize.

2: This isn't a porno section either. One of the things about being a PG-13 site is that while sex is mentioned, it isn't described in detail. Please, we don't like the mental image of a spread... Or a gigantic... So don't mention them. Keep it PG-13.

3: If you must have a bar fight and it begins to progress to something bigger, continue the thread in either the dueling arena or the story rp. Leave this area clean of violence, please.

These are simple rules, but we hope you will follow them.

Thank you,
Jarod King
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Rules for the cantinas
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